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Hemp plants are grown in the natural open-air climate conditions in Lithuania, Northern Europe, that are proven to be one of the best in the World for this plant. Lithuania is famous for clean air, soil and underground waters. We carefully select the seeds and, before seeding them, additionally examine the chemical composition of the soil to avoid pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

Scientifically tested

We employ science to establish the cleanest and most effective ways to extract herbal compounds. Our derived unique Phytocannabinoid Plus Formula increases the performance of our products. We carefully test and measure each product compound composition in a certified laboratory to make sure you receive the best quality products.

GMP standard

We ensure the product Quality Control all the way in the production chain – from seed selection and planting to medical grade supercritical extraction and product formulations. Our products are manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratory under strict GMP standard.

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  • SatiMed delivers the highest quality non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid nutritional and cosmetic products from EU certified organic industrial hemp plants.

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SatiMed is
a phytocannabinoid company.

We are group of professional specialists who are focused on the research and production of herbal supplements, which possess natural therapeutic value. We focus on non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids, combinations of which are the essential elements of our products – dietary supplements, cosmetics and functional food.

Our Hemp plants are grown in Lithuania, Northern Europe, in open-air conditions. The location is famous for it’s clean air, soil and ground waters. The climate allows only one growth cycle a year and provides the best quality seeds and stalks, that is essential to produce medical grade extracts and formulate superior quality products.

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Science is in the Heart
of our Company.

We employ science throughout the whole product development and production cycle. SatiMed uses innovative scientific production methods to transfer precious natural herbal compounds into the final product. Our team of Researchers, Pharmacologists and Medical doctors has built a unique competence to retrieve and use the therapeutic value of the natural herbal remedies derived from Hemp plants.

We derived a special Phytocannabinoid Plus Formula, which comprises essential combination of non-psychoactive cannabinoids from Hemp plant: Cannabidiol, Cannabidiolic acid, Cannabivarin and Cannabigerol. The combination of these cannabinoids provides additional synergetic value to our products.